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The manufacturing unit is situated about 250 km north of New Delhi and has a production capacity of 900 Tons per annum. It is a fully integrated unit having all the facilities under one roof. Some of the most reputed and quality buyers of Towels have already visited the factory and have applauded the manufacturing facilities.

The list of machinery includes Nuovo Pignone & Vamatex; Shuttles Rapier Looms from Italy, Kanamaru high speed Warper from Japan, Kindai; Continuos Hemming & Slitting machine from Japan, Famitex ; Soft Flow Dyeing machine from Italy, Heinz Hergert; Shearing & Polishing machine from Germany, etc.

The Company has employed qualified professionals having experience in the relevant fields. The company has the latest equipment for the production of terry towels. The towels manufactured on rapier looms are 100% free of AZO dyes and are Manufactured with reactive ( Eco-friendly ) dyestuffs. The feel and the final finishing on the towel are given by passing the towels through a cushion of steam, which gives the end consumer a soft and tumbled (pre-shrunk) towel. All facilities regarding Warping, Sizing, Weaving, Dyeing, processing, Shearing, Finishing have been installed in-house to ensure full control on quality of the end product.
The process includes the Towels being passed through a Float Dryer and finally through a Tumbler in a relaxed condition. All the Towels are 100% Tumbled which gives less shrinkage & higher absorbency and a softer product to the end consumer.

Colourful Range :
The Company is manufacturing High Quality Luxurious Terry Towels in Plain, Dobby and Jacquard designs. It also has the facility of supplying Sheared Towels and Towels with good quality of Embroidery and Patchwork. The towels manufactured by the company are Ultra Soft in their feel and can have a maximumpile height upto 10 mm.
The Colourful range of Luxury Towels brought to you, are made from the finest yarns, using State of Art Technology. The soft & smoothing finish of the Towels gives you a feel of difference & re-defines your exquisite taste and distinguished life style.

Luxury Wraps :

A fabulous collection of exotic shades matched as per the requirements of the customers, along with some of the fashionable beach towel designs, complete the range of towels. The towels can be supplied in plain colours and in various designs in Face Towels, Hand Towels, Guest Towels, Bath Towels & Bath sheets. The other products include Bath Mats, Bathrobes, Terry Cover Mattresses and Terry Gloves.

Quality Standards :
The shade matching and depth of the shades can be well matched as per the International Standards and use only 100% Reactive dyed and No Azo dyestuffs are used in the factory.

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